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New Joomla Template added: Medicinal Marijuana Cannabis Weed.

Creative Joomla Multipurpose Template – Business Joomla Template

XPRIME is a Powerful Multi-Purpose Joomla Template. It has endless possibilities for creating awesome websites no matter what type of business is. It can be Corporate, Portfolio, Personal, Agency, Business, Hotel, Restaurant, Wedding, Landing, Shop, Blog, Dance, Constructions, One Page, anything you want. XPRIME is based on helix framework with SP Page builder 2x and 3x and custom addons, Layer slider, J2store, and Hikashop for Ecommerce. Is full responsive so will look awesome on any device,

Do you need Ecommerce template that uses Virtuemart as Ecommerce? Check our new theme that is made on helix Ultimate, Sp Page Builder Pro, Creative Slider and Virtuemart

joomla cannabis weed marijuana template
joomla template

Our main pages

joomla template

Theme Features

– Sp Page Builder PRO (no need to buy extra licence, extension included as free in our pack)
– Layer Slider (no need to buy extra licence, extension included as free in our pack)
– Quickinstall (you can have our demo in seconds)
– Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly template
– Megamenu Builder
– Build on Helix Framework
– Page builder custom addons
– Import theme’s settings included in pack
– Slider import in pack
– Builder’s pages for import included in pack
– Fast loading
– Multipurpose template
– 5 header design
– Drag & Drop Layout Builder PRO 3x version
– +49 Addons Page builder
– Post Formats
– 600+ Google Fonts
– Logo Option
– Custom Code
– Social Share
– Social Icons
– Fluid and Boxed Layout
– RTL Ready
– FontAwesome 4.4
– Sticky Header
– Documentation
– Free Support
– Facebook Open Graph Data
– Particle effect
– HikaShop

More info regarding requirements for SP PAGE BUILDER PRO, please visit official doc: https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation/sp-page-builder/sp-page-builder-3

Quickstart installation included

We included quickinstall zip for you to have our demo in seconds. Quickinstall is joomla installed + templates, extensions, plugins, configured and ready to use in your websites.
You need to upload on your server, to create new database, user, add user to database and hit install button.

Support Ecommerce

XPRIME is fully compatible with J2store and HikaShop, so you can have your shop fast, secure and simple. Try it and tell us what you think about it  :).

Detailed documentation

In our pack, please check our documentation. In dcumentation, you can find all about XPRIME template, how to install, configure and more…


– Where are extensions updated? Everytime we upload to themeforest new version of updates (you need to download again from your account) and you can find them in folder update .


- Sp Page builder Pro Version 3.4.5 (added in Extensions-Updates)
- Layer Slider (added in Extensions-Updates)
- Image Layouts addon added.- new
- Two new shapes added.- new
- Google Map addon Controls turn Off/On option added.- new
- JCE editor toolbar issue fixed.- fix
- Slideshow addon invalid argument supplied issue fixed.- fix
- Article scroller addon empty color issue fixed.- fix
Sp Page Builder Pro Version 3.4.1 - update added in folder extensions/update 
this update will fix some issues like 
- CSS missing issue fixed.
- Divider addon displaying the separator as a picture in the visual editor.
- Person addon social icon accessibility improved.
Version 3.4 - update added in folder extensions/update
Version 3.3.8 - update added in folder extensions/update
-  Introduced Landing Page layout bundle - New
-  Client static rating option added to the Testimonial addon - New
-  Vertical divider option added to the Divider addon - New
-  Custom styling added to the Progress Bar addon - New
-  Hover effect added to the Pricing addon - New
-  Scrolling effect added to the Navigation addon - New
-  Google Font updated with all the new fonts - Update
-  Default margin value of all addons set from (0 0 30px 0) to (0px 0px 30px 0px) - Update
-  Colum overlapping issue of the Timeline addon - Bug fix
Update Sp Page builder 3.3.6 (added in folder Update)
New Joomla Template added: Medicinal Marijuana Cannabis Weed
- Update Sp Page Builder Version 3.3.5 (you can find it for update in folder Extensions.)
- Brand new Animated Heading addon.
- 22 blocks added (created with Animated Heading addon)
- Section Shape z~index issue.
- Heading addon text~transform issue.
- Carousel Pro addon undefined constant issue.
Quickinstall updated with latest version of extensions (you can find it in folder Quickinstall).
Sp Page Builder Pro Version 3.3.4 (updated in folder extensions/update)
- Carousel Pro addon height & typography styling options.
- Feature Box addon hover effect options.
- Animated Number addon before/after text adding option.
- Optin Form addon typography styling option.
- Pricing Table addon typography styling option.
- Article editing mode Joomla Editor (JCE) to Page Builder Editor switching issue.
- css.php stdClass to string conversion issue.
- Article addon and external image URL (Image & Links) issue..
Sp Page Builder Pro Version 3.3.3 (updated in folder extensions/update)
    Price List addon gutter responsive option added.
    Optin form addon button styling option added.
    Image addon title padding option added.
    Icons Group addon text styling option added.
    Article addon compatibility added with Helix Ultimate post format.
    Carousel Pro fullwidth issue fixed.
    Open Street Map addon popup window special character issue fixed.
    Open Street Map addon external marker URL issue fixed.
    Timeline addon responsive issue fixed.
    Image Overlay addon hover issue fixed.
Sp Page Builder Pro 3.3.1 updated- in folder extensions/update:
New: Gradient & pattern overlay options added to row background settings
New: Gradient & pattern overlay options added to column background settings
New: Form field styling options added to Contact Form addon
New: Typography styling options added to Testimonial Pro addon
New: 3 pre-defined styles & typography styling added to the Person addon
New: Icon addon link target option added
Fix: Row background YouTube & Vimeo video loading issue
Fix: Image Overlay addon subtitle uppercase issue
More attractive row/column backgrounds
Improved Person addon
Updated Testimonial Pro addon
Enhanced Contact Form addon
Sp Page Builder Pro 3.3, updated and you can find it in folder Updates/Extensions
Before update, don't forget to make full backup of your site and database.
- Major redesign in the builder system - new
- Layout bundle system (complete templates) introduced - new
- SEO options added to the page settings in the frontend editor - new
- Create a new page from the frontend editor - new
- Capability of adding pages to menus from the frontend editor - new
- Edit, delete, or view any page from the frontend editor - new
- A list of all pages available on the frontend editor - new
- Edit articles (built with the page builder) on the frontend - new
- Price List addon - new
- Image Overlay addon - new
- Clear fullpage content with a single click - new
- Flickr Gallery addon updated with new API - new
- Local video in Section BG conflict in Edge issue - bug fix
- Image width issue in Flickr Gallery addon - bug fix
- Greek language entity encoding issue - bug fix
- Column options editing conflict with Flexible Padding issue - bug fix
- PHP error for external video parameter in row/start.php - bug fix
- Column drag and drop issue - bug fix
- Font Awesome 4 updated to the latest version - bug fix
SP Page Builder Pro 3.2.9 updated (can be find in folder updates)
- Open Street Map addon added: NEW
- Video addon vimeo video issue fixed
- Video addon conflict with existing template issue fixed
- Article Scroller addon ordering and category issue fixed
- Added brand new Article Scroller addon
- Option added to show multiple locations in Google Map addon
- Video uploading feature added to the Video addon
- Video addon gets YouTube cookieprevention feature
- Accessibility improved in the Carousel and Carousel Pro addons
- Accessibility improved in the Feature addon
- Section background video playing issue fixed for iPhone/iPad
- Responsiveness issue fixed in the Instagram addon
- Video suggestion issue fixed in the Video addon
- Module compatibility issue fixed in the Optin Form addon
- Sp Page builder update to 3.2.8, you can find it in folder Updates
- Creative Slider (Layer Slider) updated, added in Update folder
 Sp Page builder 3.2.1 added in pack extensions and update folder.
 Sp Page builder 3.20 added in pack extensions and update folder.
New page added : Impot folder added file about me in Theme's settings and Pages. Import page in Page builder, Import new theme style .
Layer Slider updated - folder update
Plugins updated - folder update
Layer Slider updated - folder update
 Sp Page builder 3.1.3 added in pack extensions and update folder.
 Css fixes
J2Store css fixes
New 4 hero pages added in pack for import.
- Sp Page builder 3.1.2 added in pack extensions and update folder.
- Sp Page builder Pro, version 3.1.1 added in pack (in updates folder/extensions)
- SP Page builder changes in new version
- Gradient background for buttons - new
- Library panel close button - new
- php7.2 errors fixed. - new
- sppagebuilder_addons table issue (Pro). - bug fix
- Testimonial pro js error and show controls (Pro).- bug fix
- Global options default values.- bug fix
- double CSS code with k2 (Pro).- bug fix
- Modal popup image issue (Pro).- bug fix
- Flip box iOS issue (Pro).- bug fix
- Row copy paste duplicate ID (Pro).- bug fix
- Builder type reorder for backend.- bug fix
- HTML decoding issue for modules.- bug fix
- Text Shadow issue (Pro).- bug fix
- Missing lang.- bug fix
- border styles for flipbox (Pro).- bug fix
- Portfolio 1.6 compatibility
- Latest version of Joomla compatibility.
- Sp Page builder Pro, version 3.1 added in pack (in updates folder/extensions)
- Custom.js fixed
SP Page Builder 3.04 added in extension and update folder.
- Documentation updated: add info regarding changing colors, background like footer, info about import pages/settings theme style.
- HikaShop - added
- Quickinstall updated with Sp page builder pro 3.03
- Yoga demo added
- Particle effect added
- Particle demo added
- Christmass with particle snow demo added
- Documentation - config hikashop
Better documentation: added css classes with printscreen images.
- Sp Page builder Pro, version 3.02 added in pack (in updates folder)
- Soccer page added NEW!
- Car rental page added NEW!
- Consulting page added NEW!
- Slide consulting added NEW!
- Quickinstall updated
- Plugins ajax and systems updated added in pack (in updates folder)
- Sp Page builder Pro, version 3.01 added in pack (in updates folder)


- Sp Page builder Pro, version 3.0 added in pack (in updates folder)
- Added 9 pages for import in sp page builder
Version 1.2 
- Quickinstall updated to Joomla 3.8.2
- Added 40 pages
- Fix css issues with layer slider
- better minify css
- add custom.css file
- update layer slider
- update sp page builder pro to 2.5.4
Version 1.1
- update layer slider


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